Safety is a vital component of the quality service which Schiedel Construction Incorporated delivers to its clients. It is an integral part of daily life on all of our jobsites and is not sacrificed for the sake of cost or schedule.

For Schiedel Construction, safety is more than policies and procedures - it is an attitude. Company wide commitment, from senior management through to the individual worker, is what keeps our safety program moving forward and developing to meet new challenges.

As part of Schiedel Construction's commitment to safety and internal responsibility, a full-time Health and Safety Coordinator liaisons with management, superintendents, Schiedel field staff, and sub-trades. As well, ongoing communication is maintained with government and private agencies to ensure the effectiveness of Schiedel's safety program and to continue providing leading edge safety performance.

Throughout our history, Schiedel Construction Incorporated has been recognized several times by the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA) and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario for superior safety performance. On numerous occasions, we have been awarded the "Accident Prevention - Zero Frequency Award" and continue to maintain one of the lowest Lost-Time Injury rates in the industry.

Schiedel Construction Incorporated believes that we have a moral responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for our employees, our families, and the communities which we serve and are a part of. Every effort is taken to provide such an environment in completing our projects safely from start to finish.