LEED Gold Certified

Schiedel Construction Incorporated is proud to have achieved LEED Gold certification. 

Schiedel’s GREEN Construction Practices -

  • Offering suggestions to you on what products to use to minimize the buildings’ impact on the environment. We help in specifying local materials, thus supporting the local community while saving the environment from harmful CO2 emissions.

  • Locating a new building on its site to maximize the building’s efficiency.

  • We enforce the three R’s (Recycle, Reduce and Reuse) to all our site personnel on each project.

  • When travelling to projects or meetings, we encourage our employees to carpool.

VP’s Green Solutions for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings -

Follow the link to view articles on VP’s website to learn how building a Pre-Engineered Steel Building is a smart solution for your business to save costs and the environment.

Ensure The Safety Of Your Building And The Environment

Schiedel Construction Incorporated is passionate about safeguarding your building as well as working towards a cleaner environment.

Build Green With Us