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Vacant land is hard to come by. Make the best of your investment and build a mixed-use multi-storey building on it. Schiedel Construction Incorporated has the experience and expertise in constructing mixed-use buildings. Whether you want a commercial building on the ground floor with a couple of storeys above for recreational use or vice versa, we are just the place for you. The carpenters and tradesmen at Schiedel Construction Incorporated pride themselves in the meticulous attention that they pay to detail while working on your project. We strive to leave you with a construction that sells itself. If you have a mixed-use/multi-storey construction project in mind, call the experts at Schiedel Construction Incorporated to get started today.



At Schiedel Construction Incorporated, we work by keeping your satisfaction as our top-most priority. We go all out to ensure that you get what it was that you wanted from your mixed-use project. Read what our past clients have to say about us - 


“This building project was thoroughly enjoyable from the initial concept and design stages right through to the final finishing touches. Schiedel Construction's design team was able to animate my thoughts and ideas with realistic conceptual renderings, and multiple sets of drawings revised at my request. The Commercial/Residential mix of this project required careful consideration in both design and functionality. Fred and Allen Shiedel provided the time, care, patience and expertise necessary to bring the concept through the required approval processes resulting in an exceptionally pleasing design which fits well into the community. Project Manager, Daryl Bender, and Site Supervisor, Mark Sipprell were both a pleasure to deal with through the construction phase. Change requests were handled easily and costing was transparent and honest. Mark was well versed on all aspects of construction ranging from sub surface soil conditions right through to trim and colour choices. Daryl was always available for pricing, selection, coordination and research support. All of Schiedel's construction workers, tradespeople and support staff worked very well together to create this legacy project which I proudly say is now serving our community very well.”

Sincerely, Mike G

President – King & Albert Developments

Mixed-Use Construction In Southern Ontario

Make the most out of your property investment by turning it into a mixed-use building.

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